Ziad A.

Known as Ziadey.


I used to be known as ziadmario54321 on Scratch. I used to make Scratch Remixes that are Podel Related.
Now, I'm just a decent person who likes to talk about operating systems (mostly Windows), who made tons of Twitter Tweet Bots like Here Comes Pacman Bot and Podel Bot, and who is a Nanami Madobe Obsessor.

Twitter Accounts

WHY_wav: Safe ModetEMMlE_: parody/satirical undertale quotesAMCCtxt: Tweeting about how bad Animation Meme Cringe Compilation creators areNintendoEgy: parody of nintendo

Tweet Bot Accounts

(All of the bots tweets every 30 minutes.)

HereComesPacbot: tweeting every quote of the here comes pacman video on youtube. (my most popular account)Podel_Bot: tweeting quotes and screenshots from podel's youtube videos. (my 2nd most popular account)_tEMMIEBOT: tweeting every quote of every undertale temmie.luigiasatank: tweeting just an image of luigi as a tank.Windows1_01: tweeting every quote of the windows 1.01 ad. [it has been shutdown suddenly, and i can't recover it.]NanamiMadobeBot: tweeting a random ad quote, wallpaper, and a render of Nanami Madobe herself.

Favorite Anime Serieses and Their Characters

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Part 1-4)
My Favorite Part 3 Characters are Polnareff and Mohamed Avdol.My Favorite Part 4 Character is Koichi Hirose.I haven't finished this part just yet.

My Hero Academia (Part 1-3)
My Favorite Character is Momo Yaoyorozu.
Pop Team Epic
My Favorite Character is Pipimi.
Little Witch Academia
My Favorite Characters are Akko and Lotte Yansson.
My Favorite Character is Yui Hirasawa.