Ziad A.

Known as Ziadey.



I'm known as ziadmario54321 on Scratch, and used to be known as ziadSpartaX37 on Youtube. I used to make Sparta Remixes on ziadSpartaX37 since 2013 until 2014. I used to make Scratch Remixes that are safely Podel Related since 2016 until 2017.

Right now, Iā€™m just a decent person who likes to talk about operating systems (mostly Windows), made tons of Twitter Tweet Bots like Here Comes Pacman Bot and Podel Bot, and who is a Nanami Madobe Obsessor!

Twitter Accounts

tEMMlE_: Parody/Satirical Undertale quotes. [Shutted down]
NintendoEgy: Satirical parody of Nintendo.

Tweet Bot Accounts

(All of the bots tweets every 30 minutes, often more.)

HereComesPacbot: Tweeting a quote of the "Here Comes Pacman" video on YouTube. (My most popular account)
Podel_Bot: Tweeting quotes and screenshots from Podel's YouTube videos. (My 2nd most popular account)
_tEMMIEBOT: Tweeting a quote of every UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE temmie.
luigiasatank: Tweeting just an image of Luigi as a tank.
Windows1_01: Tweeting a quote of the Windows 1.01 ad. [Shutted down suddenly. I can't recover it.]
NanamiMadobeBot: Tweeting a random ad quote, wallpaper, and a render of Nanami Madobe herself! šŸ’™