❖ Ziad A.

Known as Ziadey!


MaleEgyptian16 years old
Legacy hardware userOperating system fanaticWindows user since March 2010 - First operating system: Windows XP Professional
- Current operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate
- Secondary operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Linux user since late June 2019 - First operating system: Xubuntu 18.04 LTS
- Current operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Minimal) with Openbox Desktop Manager
No longer using a Linux operating system at this moment. :\

Anime fan since 2017 - First series: Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Check my anime list for about other serieses I watch.

💙 Huge huge huuuuge Nanami Madobe obsessor 💙I may not talk about her often, but I appreciate her a lot!!

Twitter Accounts

tEMMlE_: Parody/Satirical Undertale quotes. [Shutdown]
NintendoEgy: Satirical parody of Nintendo.

Tweet Bot Accounts

(All of the bots tweets every 30 minutes, often more.)

_tEMMIEBOT: Tweeting a quote of every UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE temmie.
luigiasatank: Tweeting just an image of Luigi as a tank, from Mario Party 2's "Shell Shocked" minigame.
NanamiMadobeBot: Tweeting a random ad quote, wallpaper, and a render of Nanami Madobe herself! 💙

There are other tweet bots that I have created.
I may not want to mention them due to personality reasons, or that they have just shutdown.